Meet Our HR Team


President of Foreign Affairs

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HR Supervisor


HR Specialist

Sylvia is a Chongqing native and has been working at OWEN Education for 5 years. She is responsible for recruitment, settlement, training, and foreign teachers management. She enjoys traveling and calligraphy.

Coco is from Chongqing and has been working at OWEN Education for 2 years. She is responsible for recruitment, visa application, training arrangements and more! She is your go to person with any HR questions. 

Hamed is from Egypt and has been working at OWEN Education for 12 years. His primary role is to create the best working environment for the foreign team and improve the day to day operation. He oversees social media, recruitment, training and the mentor program. As well as corporate training, including branch management training, foreign teachers training. He also participates in making company polices, employee benefits, contracts and the handbook. He enjoys visiting the different branch schools in Chongqing, meeting and helping branch management and foreign teachers. He also enjoys physical exercise and cooking his own healthy food. If you don’t meet Hamed at work, you can always join him at the gym or visit him while he prepares a delicious meal! 

Leadership Team


Regional Supervisor & Behaviorist

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Vice-Principal of Owen Kids’ College and Director of Studies in Owen

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Regional Supervisor & Teacher

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Mike is from the UK and has been working at OWEN Education for 1 year. He is responsible for mentoring new teachers, assisting during training sessions, and communicating with different branch leaders. He loves going out to eat paper-wrapped roast fish-Yum! 

Reegan is from the Philippines and has been working at OWEN Education for 4 years. He is responsible for mentoring newly hired teachers by: giving them the initial orientation, being their thought partners to facilitate improved professional practice,  and providing initiatives and opportunities for them to become active members of Owen's professional learning community. He also provides toddler evidence-based learning programs and lessons to help them develop holistically - social, cognitive, emotion, psychology, motor or physical, and language. You can find him Cafe hopping around Chongqing!   

Simon is from Vancouver, Canada and has been working at OWEN Education for 13 years. As Director of Studies, his primary role is to assist our team of amazing teachers in Owen. He helps oversee Owen’s induction program for our new teachers and host regular workshops and trainings. He enjoys teaching and exploring. 


Foreign Teacher Regional Supervisor 

Sam is from India and has been working at OWEN Education for 5 years. He is responsible for planning lessons, teaching classes and mentoring new foreign teachers. On his days off you can find him spending time with family and playing his guitar. 


Regional Supervisor

Lonni is from Canada and has been working at OWEN Education for over 10 years. He is responsible for teaching classes, training and mentoring new teachers. He enjoys eating hot pot. 


Regional Supervisor

Chris is from Missouri (They pronounce it misery), USA and has been teaching at Owen for one year. As a Regional Supervisor, he is responsible for mentoring new teachers and facilitating communication within branches. Chris is a board and card game nut, FIDE tournament Director and an avid mahjong player



Leading Through Knowledge

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