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Technology: Hell of A Platform

If you ever worked with kids in any capacity, then you are fully aware that they have the attention span of a goldfish. Now, it’s already a task and a half to keep their attention. Want to make it harder on yourself? Add technology to the mix. No, seriously, that was the problem I was faced with because of staff size got cut by a lot.

Now, I suggested against this because I know kids. Moreover, I know what happens to kids when in the presence of technology. A bloody nightmare if there ever was one. Alas, I was still asked to conduct 45 minute classes for 4-5 year olds. They told me that it was meant for the VIPs so they wouldn’t fall behind in school. This went on for about the rest quarantine which was fine by me but it was few and far between.

Yeah, I had like two classes a week. Maybe 3-4, if I got lucky. Still, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. See, Serena gave a gigantic file filled to the brim with learning activities I could modify to my liking. Along with that, I had to practice on her to not only give me confidence in ability in teaching but to also use the software. Plus, my CT was there to help with the translation. It was nice but…it was lacking that distinctive connection.

My CTs agreed with me and we worked to make the kids laugh and cheer during class. It was my Spiderman baton that made them laugh the most and it was the same baton I would use in my future lessons and they ended up calling me “Sprite Teacher”, or “Fairy Teacher”. I loved it!

Anyway, I still longed for human interaction and I could tell that my kids were as well. Technology was nice and all of that but I was getting sick of it. Not completely but it was getting there, especially since I wanted to hang out with my friends. So, when May come around, I was ready to meet anyone for some adventures since we were finally able to explore the city.

Actually, I have to point out that adventure wasn’t the only thing that was waiting for me. A funny little thing called “prejudice” was going to meet me in a lovely way. I hope you can detect sarcasm.

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