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Prep and Shop

Remember when I say that I can only go out every three days for provisions and I was only limited to wait I could carry. I mean…I’m strong but I’m not that strong especially given my knack for cooking. Yes, I do, indeed, love to cook. Well, I love baking more but that’s not the point here.

I was limited to how much I could carry with my arms and back. And, because of that, I had to mind what I buy and when I buy it. Let me explain.

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume that you’ve done your own shopping. The only difference was that I had to plan for every three days because of my pass. So, I had to get half my groceries on one pass and the other half on the other day. Toilettes, of course, I had to shop for every pass. I found myself doing more planning for groceries than for my writing. Well…not really but you get my point.

Also, it was my first time navigating the Chongqing’s shopping atmosphere in the midst of a pandemic. Yes, there was difference. A big one!

First of all, you are allowed to carry a huge bag with you into the store. Everybody did it without a fuss or a second thought. I learned that through a friend and immediately started to do the same. Made shopping a hell of a lot easier…until I got overzealous and accidently tore it. Yeah, I have a habit of doing that a lot.

And everytime I went, I got my temperature checked before entering the store. I always went to Walmart because I didn’t know anything else and it was a familiar brand. You know, it was pretty interesting to see how Walmart differ from country to country. Did you know that liquor is sold in Walmart? Did you know they’re sold everywhere? I surely didn’t! I still laugh to this day about that discovery.

I’ve been following this routine for most of the lockdown and it worked wonderfully. However, I was missing my teaching life. I missed the kids and the outdoors and I wanted to work desperately. Especially since I was almost done with writing all my short stories. Good thing for me, I was going to get my prayers answered…just not in the way I thought.

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