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My Favorite Place In Chongqing

As an artist, I’m always finding myself drawn to the surreal. I love looking for places to relax and just be myself. You know, a man emerged into his work. A gentleman that wants to get lost in the worlds that he’s creating. It’s every goal, and a go-to requirement, for artist of all types. We crave for a safe space void of distraction and it doesn’t hurt to have it serve good food. Now, what I have just described is my favorite place to work: a quaint cafe called Two o’ Clock.

Point of order, let me start off by stating at almost every mall has a Book Centre. Furthermore, each Book Centre has a book store is connected to an art store. However, I don’t know if a cafe is connected to each one. I imagine so but, nonetheless, there’s a cafe connected to the one near me is an artist’s paradise to me. Pure form of positive energy and their food is absolutely amazing. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain the beauty of this place.

First is the location. Two o’ Clock cafe is easy to get to as it’s on the right end of the second floor of the Shanghai City Mall next to Gongmao Station. It’s pretty hard to miss. Well, kind of. You have to walk through the Book Centre in order to get to the cafe which is located in the back.

The food is also amazing. I have to say that their selection of tea is quite lovely. They have other beverages such as coffee, latte, shakes, and what not. However, tea is my drink of choice when my working in the cafe especially when I’m working. Coffee is meant for home. Also, I like to eat light while writing. I don’t want to run to risk of getting drowsy while working. The menu reflects this concern as their food has a great variety of choices that’s excellent in regards to portion and content. I almost always get curry; they are my favorite. Curry with tea and a slice of lemon pie for later is my go-to order if I’m there all day which happens a lot. It’s so peaceful there and the company has an aura of welcoming encouragement. They also had a list of breakfast food. Not a big one but something for the early birds.

Finally, my favorite part of the cafe is the fact that the art store, One Way, is right next to it. I can not tell you how many times I had to make side missions to that store because I had to buy office supplies for my offices - either my home office or work office. I swear that amount of money I spend in that store because of my “Oh ha” and “Oh crap” moments is a delightful marvel. I mean, it has everything I need and anything that specific, i.e. American items, I can get on Taobao, which is rarely needed if you can believe it.

I try to go to the cafe, at least, twice a week. The atmosphere is so wonderfully positive and quaint that I can get so much work done in an eight hour time. Actually, that’s usually where I get most of my writing done. It’s nice to work at home but there are too many distractions. So, a cafe is more ideal for me. Plus, a cafe that refills your tea cup for free is a winner in my book. I strongly suggest you visit this cafe when you get the chance.

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