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First Day of Training

During my third week, I was instructed to go to a different Owen campus for my training. Or was my second week. Doesn’t matter, it was in January and that’s all that matters for this post. What does matter is that I got to meet a good friend of my community?

Let me start off by saying that I have an “odd” way of making friends. I get it from my father. While he used his height along with his charisma to make friends, I use my quirkiness to make friends. A common troupe I use it pulling people into my conversation before introducing myself. It almost always throws people off but, 80% of the time, it leads to a laugh and a good conversation. Even better, I usually make a new friend because, within a few moments of interaction, they tend to learn a chuck of information about me through my actions alone.

Personality aside, the first person I met upon my arrival was Simon. I made him laugh on my first meeting with him before learning that he was the one leading the training. Like I said, I don’t see titles when I talk to people; I speak to everyone equally in respect and silliness. He told me about his daughters and I made an usual joke, about “getting the shotgun ready” which he found amusing. Along with that, he was a phenomenal teacher/trainer as he was teaching/training us on everything in the realm of teaching as a whole as well as some basic Chinese.

Around the same time, I introduced myself to Nikki and Lonnie. Well, I introduced myself to a lot of people but, to this day, I still hang out with Nikki and Lonnie to this day. Frequently, actually. Nikki and I bonded over sexy men, RuPaul Drag Race and books. Plus, she matched my quirkiness with her sass. Instant making of a great friendship and time on proved it. Lonnie and I bonded over all things nerdy, especially Dungeons & Dragons. Only difference was that he, like Simon, was higher up and thus figured that he wouldn’t have time to hang out. Boy, I was wrong. To this day, he’s still my Dungeon Master for a few of his campaign.

Finally, I met Hamed. He came in with a bag of oranges. Tiny ones called clementines. It was my first time having that and it was good. During his visit, he was kind enough to answer all of our question. He was the one who gave me my first useful information as a writer: how to use a Western Union. It was the key information I needed to fund my writing side so I was eternally thankful for it.

The rest of the training went really well and looted for about a week or so. Within a week, I learned everything I needed to learn about being a teacher - both in and out of the classroom. It was amazing to learn so much in such a small amount of time. Plus, I’m learning about being a teacher in the field of education.

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