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Exploring the Streets of Ciqikou

The ancient town of Ciqikou dates back more than 1,000 years and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chongqing. As you can imagine, Ciqikou is very crowded on the weekends and during holidays. Having days off during the week in China has many advantages-- the main one less crowds at tourist spots. If you have friends and family coming to visit this would be a great place to take them. You can easily spend two or more hours here.


Originally called Long Yin, Ciqikou sits is on a hill above the Jialing River in the western part of Chongqing city. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Ciqikou was a river port and market town. It was famous for its production of porcelain. To date, over twenty old kiln sites have been discovered there. It is because of the importance of the porcelain industry that the name has been changed from Long Yin to Ciqikou which is translated as Porcelain Village.

How to get to there? It is very easy to get to Ciqikou by using the metro line 1. You can also take a taxi but it will be more expensive.

What to do?

Explore.Shop.Eat. The streets of Ciqikou are filled with food and shops. You can watch demonstrations on how noodles and sweet treats are made as well as different spices. This is a great place to get souvenirs. They also have traditional Chinese fans-- which come in handy during the hot summer months in Chongqing!

What to eat?

Everything! This is a great place for you to try a wide variety of local snacks and dishes. Put on a brave face, it’s time to try some stinky tofu! Craving some cotton candy? You have come to the right spot-- pick out the design you want and watch it come to life in cotton candy form of course.

After walking around and eating snacks, you should find one of the many tea shops and relax! Each tea shop offers a very unique atmosphere ranging from live music to local dice games.

Grab a friend and your camera and go explore the ancient streets of Ciqikou!