Frequently asked questions

What qualifications do I need to teach in China?

You need a bachelor’s degree and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate.

How do I get a TEFL certificate?

There are many TEFL providers online. A 120h course is the standard so make sure you do a minimum of 120h course.

I don’t have a degree in education. Is that ok?

You don’t have to have a degree in education but you’ll need a TEFL certificate.

What passport do I need to hold to apply?

In most major cities, only native English speakers (UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) can apply for a Chinese work visa however is some smaller cities, there’s still a chance of getting a work visa approved.

Can I teach in China without a bachelor’s degree?

Without a bachelor’s degree you will not be able to get a work visa and therefore you can’t teach or have a proper job.

I have a degree in education. Do I need to get a TEFL certificate on top of this?

Depending on the city you’re hired in, some might require a TEFL, some might require formal teaching experience, some don’t.

What is the minimum TEFL course needed for China?

120h course is minimum standard

What’s the difference between TEFL and TESOL?

They’re both teaching certificates and either could qualify you for a Chinese work visa along with your bachelor’s degree. TESOL is teaching English to students of other languages. TEFL is teaching English as a foreign language. Not too much difference.

What’s CELTA and do I need it for China?

CELTA is certificate of English language teaching to adults. Depending on your planned job you might need one for example if you’re teaching adults or at a university. The most common teaching jobs in China are for kids and young learners. A TEFL could be more beneficial and covers a wide range of students’ age.

What is the food like in China?

You can find all kinds of food in pretty much every city, chinese and foreign food, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Thai and more. Fast food is also everywhere, KFC, Macdonald, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and all. You could spend as little as 6-10RMB for a bowl of noodles and up to 100RMB for a very nice steak at a nice restauran

What days of the week will I work?

You'll be working 5 days a week including the weekends. Most likely to have classes on the evenings of t3 weekdays and full weekdays

I can’t speak Mandarin. Can I still teach in China?

Yes. However learning to speak Chinese will definitely make your life easier. Getting to places, ordering food and making friends with the locals.

How many hours a week will I work?

Standard contracts are 23 taching hours plus 4 class preparation hours per week. This number of teaching hours could go down most of the year but expected to go up during summer and winter holidays during the months of January and July

Do many people speak English in China?

Yes. The number of people speaking English in China is always on the rise specially the new generation and I’m big cities.

Is accommodation included?

OWEN Education offers a housing allowance along with the assistance of finding a proper place to live which is not far from school and all the fun you can have in the city

How long is my contract in China?

A one year contract is an average standard for most schools. It’s also renewable.

How many months in advance do I need to apply for a teaching position in China?

2-3 months is ideal as interview, work visa preparation and application may take about 2 months

How do I get a visa to teach at OWEN Education in China?

Once you receive an offer and sign contract with OWEN Education, our visa team will contact you with a lvisa checklist and guide you through the process. They'll also apply for a work permit that you can use to apply for a work visa.

Is teaching with OWEN suitable for a gap year or a long-term career option?

It is definitely suitable for a gap year as average contracts are 1 year long. Most teachers like the life in China and decide to stay longer and make a career out of it.

Will there be promotion opportunities with OWEN Education?

Yes, there's promotion opportunities especially for teachers having the skills, commitment,and looking for a long term stay.

Is China safe?

China is relatively safer than most countries due to the strict law enforcement, cameras installed in pretty much every corner and the nature of Chinese people. They’re peaceful.

Chongqing also ocomes on top of the list of safest cities in China

Will I have internet access in my classroom with OWEN and Will I have any teaching equipment to help me with my classes?

All OWEN classrooms have access to computers and internet.

we also have loads of resources and equipments for teachers to use. Some teachers buy their own tools and toys that help with classes too.

Will I get to work with other foreign teachers in China?

In most cases you will. With some smaller/newer schools you can be the only Foreign teacher for about 2-3 months

Will I have any ongoing support in OWEN?

Absolutely. OWEN Education has one hell of an ongoing support system. One we take pride in.

How do I apply to teach in China?

You start by sending your CV, answer the list of questions attached and preferably send a short self introduction video of yourself to our email address attached to this site.

you can also click "apply" and fill in an online application form, attach your cv

Since the virus, what steps for safety does the city have in place? (Do I wear a mask? If so how often?)

Most places with gatherings require wearing a mask, like buses, subways, hospitals, cafes and some supermarkets. They also check your temperature before allowing people in. Rather than that, wearing a mask is optional and preferred as precautionary measures.

How are foreigners treated by locals since the lockdown?

They’re treated normally however wearing a mask in public places could always be a good idea and it gives a sense of safety

I don’t speak Chinese, what can I use to help me navigate the city? To navigate ordering at a restaurant?

You can use your phone map. If you’re using Apple then you can use the Apple map to navigate the city. There are also many apps focused on each city like metro maps and bus maps. You can also use a good translator app. There’s plenty of them.

Is it easy to withdraw my money from a Chinese bank?

Yes. It’s very easy. You can withdraw money at any ATM in the streets. For big sums you may need to go to the bank with your passport so make a withdrawal.

Will I have a bank account when I arrive?

Yes you will. Some banks require to have your work permit and residence permit provided before opening an account. Some will just accept your passport to do so. It depends on which bank you're looking to open an account at.

How long does it take to get a bank account?

Half an hour to an hour on average.

Will I stay in a hotel when I arrive?

There's a possibility you may need to stay at a hotel for the first couple of days and until an apartment is sorted.

Can I use my foreign driving license to drive in China?

You can not use foreign drivers license to dfrive in China but you can use it to apply for a chinese drivers license without having to go through a driving test.