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You can’t get there from here

This will be one of the most negative posts I will write. Not in the “This is bad” sense, but in the “What do you expect sense?”. Reading this, I only ask the reader to consider other cases, and treat like cases alike. The first problem of teaching english is often getting to class. Owen has many campuses in Chongqing, and each one has their own transportation problems. When I lived in Columbia, Missouri (Pop. 100,000) for grad school, I could never understand New Yorkers in sitcoms complaining “I drove cross-town for this?” I could drive five minutes, and be anywhere in Columbia. When I lived in Kansas City (pop. 3 Million) I finally got the joke. Cross-town was a chore. Big cities mean tra

The games people play

I have a theory about ex-pats: Everyone of them has something they experience that makes them feel at home, and everything is going to feel weird until they find that. Before I came to China, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find mine. I’m a board game geek. While most of the board games I love are made in China, they don’t hold the same popularity, however fringe, they do in the states. Luckily, I’m a teacher. I found that lots of my fellow teachers were board game geeks, they just didn’t know it yet. One of our teachers wanted to play basketball more than anything. It turned out that there were several courts with pick-up games within a few blocks of her house, yet without reading

The proper care and feeding of a teacher

One of the questions I get most often is something like “what’s the food situation?” “Is it hard not knowing Chinese and getting food?” “Do you have to eat anything crazy?” Almost every Owen campus is located in some center of commerce with many food options available, but I really lucked out. A block from the Jeifangbei is the famous Ba yi food street. Spanning three blocks, it’s a pedestrian campus of wall-to-wall food. Street BBQ, Jerky stores, noodle shops, and various tea, ice cream, and snack places. That’s just on the ground level. For a few floors up, there are countless restaurants with exotic foods from across China and southeast Asia. Most of the street level places have their men



Leading Through Knowledge

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